Welcome to The Empire of Arvesia

A nation founded in 2020 with the core principal of “Equality for all”

What does “Equality for all” mean?

  • Everybody has equal rights, no matter which Race, Sex, Religion, Nationality, Origin, Natural or Artificial etc. As long as you are self conscious, or the potential to be you will have the same rights as anybody else.
  • Everybody must be granted equal opportunities. It is the duty of the Empire to ensure that everybody has the same and equal chances.

Where is The Empire of Arvesia?

Currently the Empire of Arvesia lays claim on the famous land of Bir Tawil. We do not control this Land at this moment in time, but might seek to do so in future. We also control and claim small amount of land inside Bavaria. The Imperial government however is hard at word at creating an environment for citizen of the Empire to interact with each other. The Empire will focus on this virtual world. The Government is currently looking for talented people to help the Empire create this vision. If you have any knowledge with programming, 3D-Design, VR or Game Design in general, please contact us. Everybody who’ll contribute to this vision, will be granted Nobility by the Emperor Hikaru of Arvesia.