Imperial Decree

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6/18/2020, 3:30 PM

By Imperial order, from his excellence Emperor Hikaru of Arvesia personally, all products made of felt or containing felt are to be banned in The Empire of Arvesia.

Felt is defined as:

  • A fabric of matted, compressed animal fibers, such as wool or fur, sometimes mixed with vegetable or synthetic fibers.
  • A material resembling this fabric.

Any such goods seeking to enter The Empire, are to be destroyed by customs officials.

Attempting to import such goods into The Empire is to be punished by a fine not more than 100,000AKR, but not less than 10,000AKR.

Violation of this import restriction may lead to a permanent ban, in entering The Empire or loosing the right to acquire the citizenship of the Empire.

Felt that is currently within the Empire’s border may still be used, as long as it is not reimported.

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