Imperial Decree – Advertisement Control Act

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7/20/2020, 7:08 PM

By Imperial order, from his excellence Emperor Hikaru of Arvesia personally, shall The Empire of Arvesia form a controlling body for advertising

This bodies job shall be to enforce to following regulations for advertisment:

  • Advertisement targeting children under the age of 14 is banned except for advertisement in a purely informative nature (e.g. Dates or Locations of Events)
  • Advertisement of gambling is banned.
  • Advertisement against human decency is banned (e.g. Using Sexual (including Sexual implying) language or scenes, scenes that have the possibility to lower the perception of self-worth, scenes that promote an unhealthy lifestyle.)
  • Advertisement shall primarily be informational based, with a focus on fact, clearly subjective opinions are allowed as long as it’s presented as such and not as fact.
  • Advertisement in media must be clearly marked to the consumer as such, there must be a strict separation between redactional content and advertisement (e.g. Usage of a different font, a momentary black screen, a momentary silence, announcement of advertisement etc.)
  • Companies may sponsor the creation of redactional content (e.g. sending out review units) as long as the content is clearly marked as sponsored and the company has no control over the actual content.
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